Clevedon Operational Support

The Clevedon Volunteer Fire Brigade has one Operational Support member who is a fully functioning member of the Brigade except that she is not a BA wearer and therefore cannot be a Qualified Fire Fighter. She can run out hoses, create a portable dam, operate portable pumps, portable emergency lighting, administer first aid to the injured, undertake road control duties, run the Entry Control board when appropriate, and generally attend to the needs of the firefighters (drinks, assisting with donning gear etc). The member also undertakes community education projects and generally supports the Brigade in all areas, including many administrative duties. The Brigade is not seeking to add further Operational Support members at this time.

  Clevedon Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 1 - Area 5
Officer in charge : CFO Owen Alexander
Number of members : 1
  Contact Details
Contact name : FF Pauline Cook
Mailing address : Clevedon Operational Support
Clevedon Fire Station
40 Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay Rd
Phone number : (09) 292-8535
Email address :
Contact : CFO Shane Rutherford
Phone : (09) 536-6728
Email :