Dargaville Operational Support

The Dargaville Operational Support unit formed in the early 1970's. Members are mainly trained in crowd and traffic control, and to assist the brigade when needed. The unit has a van to respond in, and are able to attend most calls that the brigade gets turned out to. Uniformed members attend brigade meetings, training sessions, and all social events. The Dargaville Operational Support unit currently have 3 members, but are looking to add 2 recruits.

  Dargaville Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 1 - Area 2
Officer in charge : SO Peter Ward
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Dargaville 6229
  Contact Details
Contact name : SO Peter Ward
Mailing address : Dargaville Operational Support
Dargaville Fire Station
66 Normanby Street
Phone number : (09) 302-5121
Email address : peter.ward@fire.org.nz
Contact : CFO Mitch King
Phone : (027) 498-4782
Email : michael.king2@fire.org.nz