Palmerston North Operational Support

Area commander Keith Christiansen initiated a meeting of those interested in forming a Fire Police unit in December 1982. This unit then became operational April 1983, and have now changed their name to Operational Support in 2011. The base area of operations is the Palmerston North turn out area, we can also be responded to other areas at the request of the Area Manager.

  Palmerston North Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 3 - Area 14
Officer in charge : SSO Paul Fowles
Number of members : 12
Response vehicle : Palmerston North 2126
  Contact Details
Contact name : SSO Paul Fowles
Mailing address : Palmerston North Operational Support
Palmerston North Fire Station
50 Cook Street
Palmerston North
Phone number : (027) 360 0331
Email address :
Palmerston North
Contact : AAM Rodger Calder
Phone : (06) 357-7124
Email :