Kaitaia Operational Support

The Kaitaia Operational Support Unit (previously known as Kaitaia Fire Police) was established back in 1967 with the membership manning the intersections of the towns main St when the siren sounded, clearing the way for the fire-fighters to respond un-impeeded. The members were originally local businessmen who shops were situated in the main st. This practice ceased in the mid eighties and details of the present day unit are as per details beneath.

The unit of six which is under the control of Station Officer Brian Shepherd who incidentally has completed 32 years of service, consists of fully trained fire-fighters who have over a period of time transferred to the unit. This allows these very skilled and versatile members to respond as fire-fighters when the need arises. They have there own appliance (4WD Ultralite) which is set up with equipment both for Operational Support duties (generator, lighting, safety equipment etc) and also for limited fire-fighting. During a year the Operational Support responses equates to in excess of 200 making it a very busy unit.

  Kaitaia Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 1 - Area 1
Officer in charge : SO Brian Shepherd
Number of members : 6
Response vehicle : Kaitaia 7229
  Contact Details
Contact name : SO Brian Shepherd
Mailing address : Kaitaia Operational Support
Kaitaia Fire Station
PO Box 150
Phone number : (09) 408-6099
Email address : kaitaia@fire.org.nz
Contact : CFO Colin Kitchen
Phone : (09) 408-6099
Email : colin.kitchen@fire.org.nz