Turangi Operational Support

The Turangi Operational Support Unit was established in September 2009 to help cope with the growing demands on brigades around the areas of traffic/crowd control, and in particular, to assist at incidents on SH1 Desert Road. The unit now responds to most incidents. Turangi 2326 has the capabilities to become a command unit if required and has a large inventory of gear that include, PPV Fan, Extensive Road Signage, Salvage, Portable Pump, Communications and Lighting to name a few. Turangi 2329 is mainly a transporter to carry more personnel to incidents if required. The unit is managed by S.O Ron Cole and his 2IC QFF Lisa Kameta. Both vehicles are fully funded by the Turangi Fire Brigade.

  Turangi Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 2 - Area 9
Officer in charge : SO Ron Cole
Number of members : 6
Response vehicle : Turangi 2326
  Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Tong Kingi
Mailing address : Turangi Operational Support
Turangi Fire Station
16 Ohuanga Rd
Phone number : (027) 240-8242
Email address : tong.kingi@fire.org.nz
Contact : CFO Tong Kingi
Phone : (027) 240-8242
Email : tong.kingi@fire.org.nz