Matata Operational Support

The Matata Operational Support unit was setup in 2004 in response to a need being identified for a 1st response unit to be established in the area. Initially they were responding in Matata 941, but after the floods in Matata in May 2005, funding was available for a dedicated vehicle to be purchased - Matata 9433. This vehicle responds to all MVAs and First Response calls and can be added to any other call in the area if extra help is required. The vehicle carries medical response equipment, vehicle cutout equipment, and a chainsaw.

  Matata Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 2 - Area 8
Officer in charge : SFF Malcom Ward
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Matata 9433
  Contact Details
Contact name : SFF Malcolm Ward
Mailing address : Matata Operational Support
Matata Fire Station
37 Heale Street
Phone number : (07) 322-2211
Email address :
Contact : CFO Brian Dobson
Phone : (07) 322-2211
Email :