Greytown Operational Support

In 1980, the Greytown Fire Brigade felt the need to establish a Fire Police unit to assist them at calls. Four members were sworn in, and the unit has kept very active ever since. 
The brigade purchased a 2002 Toyota van for use by the unit, allowing them to work independently of the fire trucks. The van carrys an array of road safety equipment enabling the unit to protect the scene. With the increased safety consiousness of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, the Greytown Operational Support unit prove time and time again to be an invaluable part of the Greytown Brigade.

  Greytown Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 3 - Area 15
Officer in charge : SSO Garry Baker
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Greytown 6429
  Contact Details
Contact name : SSO Garry Baker
Mailing address : Greytown Operational Support
Greytown Fire Station
PO Box 55
Phone number : (06) 304-9984 or (027) 280-6281
Email address :
Contact : CFO Harry Howard
Phone : (06) 304-9401
Email :