Queenstown Operational Support

Queenstown Operational Support have been in operation for over 50 years.  Their main activity has been Traffic Control and being responsible for helping the fire personel to arrive at the Station, as well as making way for the fire appliance to attend the incident as quickly as possible.  At the scene, the unit ensures the safety of fire personal, the public, and traffic flow around the scene of the incident.

  Queenstown Operational Support
Fire Region : Region 5 - Area 23
Officer in charge : SO Alan Brown
Number of members : 2
  Contact Details
Contact name : SO Alan Brown
Mailing address : Queenstown Operational Support
Queenstown Fire Station
3-5 Isle Street
Phone number : (03) 442-7666
Email address : ambqueenstown@xtra.co.nz
Contact : SO Alan Brown
Phone : (03) 442-9086
Email : ambqueenstown@xtra.co.nz